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WaterWetter Super Coolant
Unique agent for cooling systems that doubles
the wetting ability of water
Rust and corrosion protection allows for use of straight
water in racing or reduced antifreeze levels in warm
Improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head
May allow more spark advance for increase power and
Use one bottle for most passenger cars and light trucks,
treats 3 to 5 gallons or 13.2 to 15.9 liters. Vehicles with
larger cooling systems should use two bottles. Small
cooling systems should use 1oz (3 to 4 capfuls) per quart
Compatible with new or used antifreeze (including DEX-
COOLTM and long-life versions) to improve the heat
transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems
Satisfies ASTM D2570 and ASTM D1384 corrosion tests
for glycol-based antifreezes
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