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  WaterWetter Super Coolant
  SuperCool with WaterWetter
  Diesel WaterWetter
  Engine Break-In Additive
  Power Steering Fluid
  Assembly Lube
  Synthetic CV-2 Grease
  Friction Modifier &
Synthetic CV-2 Grease
Outperforms the best conventional or synthetic greases
and lubes
Withstands extreme temperature and pressure in wheel
bearings, U-joints, and high-angle CV Joints
Excellent high-temp stability, extreme-pressure
protection, and water resistance
Used in a variety of applications with operating temps
from -100°F to 500°F
Strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion, low
evaporation and oil separation with a minimum effect on
rubber seals
Contains an organic moly for chassis lubrication and
high temp/high speed industrial equipment
Synthetic fluidity allows increases in bearing life
up to 200%
  Will darken after high-temp use-not detrimental to
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