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Fuel Additive
These products provide the detergency, lubrication, and faster combustion. Offer unprecedented value with concentration to
treat larger fuel volumes at a lower cost.
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  SI-1 Complete Fuel System
  RL-2 Diesel Ignition
  Complete Fuel System
Cleaner for Motorcycles
Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Motorcycles
Concentrated, high-temp detergents clean your
carburetors or fuel injectors, fuel lines, tank, intake
valves, combustion chambers, fouled plugs
Improves fuel economy, throttle response, hesitation
and stalling
Compatible with both pump gas and race fuel, pre-
mixed or injected two-strokes
Cleans deposits on intake valves and combustion
chambers, lubricates upper cylinder
Reduces octane demand and regain lost power and
improve fuel economy
Cleans emission control systems (safe for the latest
catalytic converters and sensors)
Pour one bottle into a street bike, dirt bike, ATV, or PWC
for quick clean-up
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